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The Balance of Creation

By David Krantz


“Be careful not to spoil and destroy my world, for if you do so, no one will repair it.”

— Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:13


After the Beginning — whether we call it a six-day Creation or a Big Bang — every creation embodies destruction and every destruction embodies creation. A sapling replaces a seed. A wildfire clears space for new growth. The world developed — whether by design or evolution — into a natural balance. As people, we are part of that balance, but we also have the power to upset it, to cause disproportionate destruction when we create.


And when we create, do we think about what we destroy? When we make fire — be it from oil or coal or gas — do we consider our effect on our earth, on our air and on our water?


If everything has a season, let us now conclude the season of earth scorching, air choking and water defiling, and return to a time of balance — a time of purity and not pollution, a time of earth stewardship and not excessive consumption.


The balance is waiting within all of us to find again. For we are earth, air, water and sunshine, united by a soul of heavenly cosmic fire. And if we destroy our environment — the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth from which we eat — in the process we destroy ourselves, and there will be no one to repair us.


Instead, let each of us recognize that we are from the earth, of the earth and for the earth. And let each of us lead the way in restoring the balance of creation.





David Krantz is the president and chairperson of Aytzim: Ecological Judaism.








"Ninety-eight percent of the historical flow of the Jordan (River) today no longer flows. We're left with something around two percent. And this is not fresh water. This is a mixture of sewage water, agriculture runoff, saline water - what's left is a very sad site."

- Gidon Bromberg

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