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Israel mourns the dying Dead Sea (BBC News: Sept. 12, 2009)


Green Spaces Can Influence Human Interaction — and Vice Versa (Lake Effect [WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio]: April 28, 2012)


Israel Threatens Renewable Energy in West Bank (Living on Earth [Public Radio International]: March 2, 2012)


In Middle East, Coalition Aims to Ease Tension Over Water Resources (PBS: Oct. 5, 2010)


Israel Pushes Solar Technology (NPR: Oct. 22, 2007)


'Shmita' Year Controversy in Israel (NPR: Oct. 10, 2007)


Mayors Jump into Jordan River Cleanup Campaign (NPR: July 15, 2007)


Dead Sea's Water Level Receding Fast (NPR: Dec. 25, 2006)


Israel Plans Garbage Dump in West Bank (NPR: April 19, 2005)


Israel Water Woes Trigger Environmental Worries (NPR: Nov. 25, 2002)



"When a person opens a pit, or digs a pit and does not cover it, and an ox or a donkey falls into it, the one responsible for the pit must make restitution."

- Exodus 21:33-34

Did You Know?

Some Israelis living close to areas in which pesticides are used heavily are suffering long-term nerve damage.

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