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Living the Green Life: Israeli Environmental Communities

Ecological Greenhouse at Kibbutz Ein Shemer — www.greenhouse.org.il

Jews and Arabs learn about environmental issues together at Ein Shemer, where they are exploring the nexus of ecology, technology and agriculture.

Hava & Adam Eco-Educational Farm — www.HavaVeAdam.org

The Hava & Adam Farm is an ecological educational center that integrates social and environmental education from a holistic point of view while emphasizing and nurturing personal growth and harmonious interaction between people and nature.

Kibbutz Hanaton — www.masorti.org.il/hanaton

Revitalized by a new core group, the Conservative Movement's kibbutz in Israel is incorporating environmental sustainability and education into the new and improved Hanaton. In the next few years, mud huts will be constructed for guests, workers and volunteers.

Kibbutz Ketura — www.ketura.org.il

Home to the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, the multi-denominational Kibbutz Ketura places a special emphasis on environmental sustainability. The kibbutz also hosts a large solar-energy plant operated by the Arava Power Company.

Kibbutz Lotan — www.KibbutzLotan.com

Affiliated with the Reform Movement, Kibbutz Lotan hosts the Center for Creative Ecology and its Green Apprenticeship program for permaculture design and environmental education. Lotan also features organic gardening, creative recycling, mud buildings, wetlands and a bird reserve. 

Kibbutz Neot Smadar — www.Neot-Semadar.com

Neot Semadar operates small-scale organic production of wine, cheese, olives, jams and nectars.



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Israeli Nature Poll

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"Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi watched a calf being led to slaughter. The animal broke form the herd and hid itself under the rabbi's clothing, crying for mercy. But he pushed it away, saying, 'Go, for you were destined for this!' They said in heaven, 'Since he showed no compassion, let us bring suffering upon him.' For years afterward, the rabbi suffered from a series of painful illnesses. One day his servant was sweeping the house. She was about to sweep away some young weasels she found lying on the floor, but he told her, 'Leave them alone!' Then they said of him in heaven, 'Since he has shown compassion, let us be compassionate with him.' And he was cured."

- Babylonian Talmud: Bava Metzia 85a

Did You Know?

46% of Israel's mammals are either extinct or face a very high risk of extinction.

Mideast Green News

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