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Rabbi Lawrence Troster, z”l

May 29, 2019 — 24 Iyar 5779


Some people try to change the world through education — sharing thoughts and ideas. Others work through action. Rare are those who aim to do both. Rare are those like Rabbi Lawrence (Larry) Troster, one of this country’s leading Jewish eco-theologians and religious environmental leaders, a member of Aytzim’s board of directors, and the director and cofounder of Shomrei Breishit: Rabbis and Cantors for the Earth, a joint project of Aytzim and GreenFaith.


For many years Larry has been among the most active EcoJews doing interfaith work, including founding and directing GreenFaith’s fellowship program. Larry also was a prolific lecturer and writer on Jewish environmentalism. His works included “Mekor Hayyim: A Source Book on Water and Judaism” as well as several articles for the “Jewish Energy Guide,” a book copublished by Aytzim (then known as the Green Zionist Alliance) and COEJL, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life. Aside from his work organizing Jewish clergy with Aytzim, Larry previously worked as a rabbinic advisor at Hazon, J Street and COEJL.


Larry was motivated by the Jewish responsibility to serve as a steward of Creation — both for its own sake and for the sake of future generations.


“One of reasons I got into this work 30 years ago was I thought, 'What kind of world would my children’s children live in?'” Larry told the Jewish Standard in 2015. “Now I have grandchildren, and I wonder, 'What kind of world will they live in when they’re my age? What kind of world are we giving to future generations?'”


That world is better because of Larry’s hard work to repair it. He passed away on Friday (May 24). We at Aytzim mourn him, and wish that his family and friends be consoled and comforted among the mourners of Zion.



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"Whoever cuts down a fruit-bearing tree is to be flogged."

- Rambam

Did You Know?

Israel has developed subsurface drip-irrigation systems that are even more water efficient than the conventional drip-irrigation systems that the country pioneered.

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