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Issues in Maryland

The most pressing moral issue of our day is preserving the Earth — and if we do not stop the acceleration of climate change, every single other issue we care about will get worse. This is why we implore Jewish institutions and their members to reduce their carbon footprints by switching to renewable energy. We also suggest these impactful but relatively easy actions:

Eat less meat, specially beef. By switching to chicken for your Shabbat meal you can reduce methane emissions by half. Even better, move toward a plant-based diet. Try Meatless Monday — or become a MOSHY: Meat Only on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Or go vegetarian or vegan.

Compost your food and yard waste. Compost Crew and Compost Cab are two Maryland companies that will pick up your table scraps for a small fee. Or check out Make Soil to find other composting companies around the world.

Carbon offset your air travel. Think carefully if you need to take a particular airplane ride. Can you arrange a video conference instead? Are there online resources you can use instead? Can you take a vacation closer to home? If you still decide to fly, consider the carbon offsetting your travel.

Bank responsibly. Find a bank that is investing in environmentally useful projects and that is not funding fossil-fuel projects. Green America keeps a list.

Support environmental legislation. Call your legislators and tell them that you want them to pass laws to ensure pure water, clean air, and a healthy environment. One way is to support passage of a Green Amendment.



"One may not dig a cistern close to the cistern of another, nor a trench, nor a vault, nor a water channel, nor a washer-man's pool, unless it is three tefahim distant from the wall of the other, and he must plaster it with lime. One must place olive peat, dung, salt, lime and rocks three tefahim away from the wall of one's neighbor, and he must plaster it with lime. Seeds, the plough and urine must be three tefahim away from the wall."

- Mishnah Bava Batra 2:1

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