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Past Events of Jews of the Earth (JOTE)

November 1999: Edible plants hike

December 1999: Eco-Hanukah presentation and festival

January 2000: Tu B'Shvat tree planting

April 2000: Eco-Pesach seder

June 2000: A skit and discussion at the Boulder Shavuot service

June 2000: A table at the Boulder Jewish Festival

June 2000: Reception and info session for Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT)

June 2000: JOTE represented the faith community at two press conferences preceding U.S. Forest Service hearings on Roadless Areas

October 2000: Tashlich and stream cleanup

October 2000: Spoke at a press conference and testified to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency on its wolf plan

October 2000: Cosponsored PlanetEarth@Boulder: Conversations on a Shared Future with Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL) and Outreach Roundtable

October 2000: Sukkah building

November 2000: Co-sponsored a "Hike and Learn" with Robert Rabinowitz of the Center for Learning and Leadership (CLAL)

December 2000: Guest lecture at the Hebrew High School Jewish-environmentalism class at the Jewish Community Center

February 2001: JOTE participated in the COEJL Institute in Washington, D.C.

February 2001: Guest lecture given on Jewish environmentalism at Cherry Creek High School

February 2001: JOTE participated in the Har HaShem Tu B'Shvat Seder

March 2001: Work began on the Biblical Garden at the Jewish Community Center of Boulder

March 2001: Purim schpiel at the RMAD Prairie Dog Summit

April 2001: Passover Eco-seder

April 2001: University of Colorado Environmental Center Earth Summit panel participant about energy

May 2001: Skit and presentation at the Shavuot Tikkun at Congregation Bonai Shalom

May 2001: Planting for our extraordinary garden at the Jewish Community Center of Boulder

May 2001: Stream cleanup as part of the Har HaShem Mitzvah Day

May 2001: Participation in the Beyond Pesticides Spiritual Action panel

June 2001: Tabled at the Boulder Jewish Festival

August 2001: Tabled at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Hillel welcome-back BBQ

September 2001: Kashrut for non-Jewish vegetarians in Denver

September 2001: Volunteered at the Boulder Jewish Community Booth

October 2001: Presentation at the Interfaith Climate Change Workshop

October 2001: Eco-Shabbat at University of Colorado, Boulder, Hillel

November 2001: Meeting with Israeli environmental groups and Kibbutz Lotan

December 2001: COEJL Hanukah Call in seminar

December 2001: Guest lecture at Naropa University

January 2002: Tu B'Shevat Shabbaton with Kehilat Aish Kodesh

February 2002: Guest lecture at Denver University

March 2002: Passover Eco-Seder

March 2002: Salon to discuss Mei Mabuah

March 2002: Participated in COEJL Institute

April 2002: Participated in the Procession of the Species

May 2002: Goose Creek Tributary Stream Cleanup (Har HaShem Mitzvah Day)

June 2002: Garden Fixup at the Jewish Community Center of Boulder

June 2002: Tabled at Boulder Jewish Festival

July 2002: Farm Animal Sanctuary Work Day

August 2002: Assisted at the Jewish Community booth at the Harvest Festival

September 2002: Guest lecture to Spiritual Ecology class at Naropa University

September 2002: Sukkot building event

November 2002: Stepping Stones for Interfaith Families

November 2002: Guest lecture at Denver Jewish continuing-education class

December 2002: Hanukah party

January 2003: Tu B'Shvat seder

January 2003: Guest lecture at Regis University

February 2003: Radio interview for University of Colorado, Boulder, journalism class

February 2003: Guest lecture at Denver Community College

February 2003: Torah Trek with Rikma and the Weaver Family Foundation

March 2003: Rabbi Gershon Winkler talk

April 2003: Passover Eco-Seder

April 2003: Compost party with Growing Gardens

May 2003: Stream clean up with Har HaShem Mitzvah Day

May 2003: Mark and Sharon Bloom COEJL Institute

May 2003: Discussion about saving a park in Jerusalem with an Israeli activist

May 2003: Torah Trek with RIKMA rabbis

June 2003: Compost party with Growing Gardens

June 2003: Faith-based approaches to climate change panel during workshop

June 2003: Boulder Jewish Festival booth

July 2003: Presentation at the Prairie Dog Summit and participation in strategic meeting

July 2003: Weeding the garden at the Jewish Community Center in Boulder

September 2003: Leadership and Visioning Retreat

September 2003: Council of All Beings

October 2003: Guest lecture at Naropa University

October 2003: Gleaning (with Growing Gardens) and Sukkot Party

November 2003: Four Elements Hike with Menorah

December 2003: Alternative Gift Fair

January 2004: Eco-Jewish learning with Reb Lazar from RIKMA

Febryary 2004: Tu B'Shvat seder and tree planting (Co-Sponsored by Har HaShem, Pardes Levavot, and Nevei Kodesh)

March 2004: Presentation about Israel's environment by Naomi Friedman

May 2004: Torah BaTeva Nature Hike with Conscious Learning Community

May 2004: Stream cleanup with Har HaShem Mitzvah Day

June 2004: Helped to make the Boulder Jewish Festival a Zero-Waste Event

July 2004: Tisha B'Av cosponsored with the American Lands Alliance

July 2004: Dr. Nir Becker speaks about water in Israel

July 2004: Rabbi Gershon Winkler speaks about the golem and Jewish shamanism

August 2004: Workday building a prairie dog barrier in Broomfield

Oct 2004: Guest lecture at Naropa University

Nov 2004: Compact-fluorescent lightbulb sale

Dec 2004: Alternative Holiday Gift Fair

Jan 2005: Tu B'Shvat Seder co-sponsored with CLC

Jan 2005: Tu B'Shvat for Shalom Parker

Feb 2005: COEJL Institute

March 2005: Torah B'Teva with CLC

March 2005: Hillel discussion

May 2005: Stream cleanup with Har HaShem Mitzvah Day

June 2005: Boulder Jewish Festival (Zero-Waste!)

August 2005: Tree planting at the Jewish cemetery

September 2005: Stream cleanup With the Har HaShem 8th Grade Class

December 2006: Compact-fluorescent lightbulb campaign with Rodef Shalom

February 2007: JOTE participated as a coalition member for Prairie Dog Day

April 2007: JOTE participated in the "STEP IT UP" rally

July 2007: Panel about faith-based ecology at Calvary Baptist Church

October 2007: Panel member for eco-arts workshop in Boulder

January 2008: Tu B'Shvat Seder with Judaism Your Way and Mizel Museum

March 2008: "Creation and the Animal Kingdom: The Jewish Perspective" with the Mizel Museum

April 2008: Vegfest Zero-Waste coordination

June 2008: Panel member on faith and environmental action on behalf of Restoring the Soul

June 2008: Shavuot Tikkun teaching on Torah of the Earth with Ellen Rosenthal

Sept 2011: Stream cleanup



"The fact that geographically the heart of the conflict is actually in a very small area only increases the pressure on the environment."

- Yonat Mordoch

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