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Advisory Council of Jews of the Earth

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin is one of the countries leading Jewish-environmental thinkers and advocates. She has founded the Jewish Women’s Resource Center, served as the founding associate director of the National Center for Jewish Healing, founded the Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network, consulted for the  Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, and founded the Baltimore Orchard Project.

Merav Cohen

Merav Cohen serves as the manager of the Hazon Seal of Sustainability.

David Crawford

David Crawford is animal rights activist at Animal Help Now.

Rabbi Ilan Glazer

A past lead educator for the Teva Learning Alliance, Rabbi Ilan Glazer is a Rabbis Without Borders fellow and freelance rabbi, speaker and transformation coach.

David Hersh

David Hersh is the capital of A Healthy Home, providing completely organic removal of household pests.

Sarah Lanzman

Chef and nutritionist Sarah Lanzman operates Bliss Point Farm and Bed and Breakfast.

Bruce Novak

Bruce Novak coauthored "Teaching Literacy for Love and Wisdom: Being the Book and Being the Change."

Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman, the president of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Native Plant Society, works with ecosystem and agro-ecology stewardship and education.

Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace co-chairs the Montgomery County, Md., Green Party.

Dr. Daniel Ziskin

Daniel Ziskin, founder of Jews of the Earth, is a former member of the board of directors of Aytzim: Ecological Judaism. He works for the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Daniel completed his doctorate in physics at Johns Hopkins University, where he wrote his dissertation on climate change. Previously he worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Geophysical Data Center, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Distributed Active Archive Center.

Rabbi Rain Zohav

Rabbi Rain Zohav is the director of Jews of the Earth. A lifelong activist with a history of organizing around issues of racial, economic and environmental justice, Rain answered the call for clergy to support the water protectors at Standing Rock. She also has taught two series of classes on the topic of “Social Action Education as Spiritual Practice.”



"The fact that geographically the heart of the conflict is actually in a very small area only increases the pressure on the environment."

- Yonat Mordoch

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