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GZA resolutions passed at the 37th World Zionist Congress





Whereas since its establishment in 1901 the mandate of Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael (KKL) has been to be a caretaker of the Land of Israel, committed to its preservation and protection for future generations, and KKL has always adapted its priorities and programs to the evolving needs of Israel’s people and dedicated its resources to building their future, and


Whereas KKL is a major builder of water infrastructure in Israel, including construction of 200 dams and reservoirs such as in the Arava Valley, Reshafim in the Beit She'arim Valley, Kedma near Kiryat Gat, and the artificial lake at Timna Park in the southern Negev, and


Whereas KKL recently issued a report that highlighted the risks of water pollution from fracking and subterranean heating (in-situ retorting) used in drilling for shale oil, and recommended the application of the precautionary principle and the principle of inter-generational justice to the decision of whether to proceed with an oil-shale pilot in the Elah Valley / Adullam region, which was eventually disapproved by the Jerusalem District Committee for Planning and Building, and


Whereas the Israeli state government recently approved exploratory drilling for shale oil in the Golan Heights, and


Whereas water pollution in the Golan Heights threatens the clean drinking water of the Sea of Galilee,


BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT the Congress instructs that Zionist representatives in KKL seek to influence KKL to prevent any fossil-fuel extraction projects on land owned by KKL, and to oppose any project in another location which has the potential to impact Israel’s water resources.





Whereas the recently completed Shmita year has inspired consideration in Knesset for how Jewish tradition promotes social, economic and environmental sustainability through a seven-year cycle, and


Whereas the Israel Union for Environmental Defense projects that climate change may cause Israel to experience an increase of heat waves and severe storms, an average increase in temperature of 3.3 degrees Celsius (about six degrees Fahrenheit), an average precipitation drop of about 25 percent, increased desertification, and an inundation of the coastal plain where most Israelis live by a rising Mediterranean Sea, and


Whereas military experts believe that climate change increases the potential for instability, violence, terrorism, and war, as tens of millions of hungry, thirsty, desperate refugees flee from droughts, wildfires, storms, floods, and other effects of climate change,


BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT the Congress instructs that Zionist representatives in Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael, the Jewish Agency, Karen HaYesod and the WZO seek to influence those agencies to:

  1. Complete an analysis of its carbon footprints to determine the sources of greenhouse gas emissions for which it is responsible.
  2. Develop seven-year climate action plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Issue an annual report describing its seven-year climate action plan and its progress in implementation of the plan.





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