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KKL-JNF Position Paper on the Agenda of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

In 2004, KKL-JNF adopted the policy of sustainable management for all its lands and projects throughout the country. KKL-JNF will update this policy in the light of global changes and Israel's effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. KKL-JNF will consolidate a detailed study to explore the effects of afforestation, land preparation, pastures and water projects, in accordance with advanced principles for preventing soil erosion and increased carbon sequestration in those open areas under the administration of KKL-JNF; and will make this study available to organizations that administer lands in Israel.


Since climate change is unavoidable, KKL-JNF will formulate the policy for administering forests and open areas in view of recent predictions regarding climate change, particularly anticipated changes in types and amounts of precipitation, the effect of extreme weather conditions, extended dry periods and the increased likelihood of fires and floods.


As the largest green organization in Israel, KKL-JNF will develop an ambitious voluntary strategy to reduce carbon emissions, setting goals for its gradual reduction through green construction in KKL-JNF offices, the development and implementation of alternative energy sources, economizing on energy, water and employee transportation, reducing waste and separating refuse at the source. In addition, KKL-JNF will change employee behavior through education and advocacy.


KKL-JNF's research divisions will consolidate all research methods funded by KKL-JNF in the academic sphere, the sphere of agricultural research and development and the sphere of administrative research of land development, to formulate recommendations on how to prepare for climate change and reduce global warming. R&D will focus on narrowing gaps in professional information, developing technologies and the interface between essential projects i.e. water, land and afforestation projects.


KKL-JNF will act to disseminate its acquired information, experience and technology to organizations in Israel and worldwide, particularly to developing countries with similar arid and semi-arid climatic conditions in order to further enable such countries to contend with climate changes, to develop their economies and to maintain environmental sustainability.  KKL-JNF will enlist the support of Diaspora Jewry and friends of Israel worldwide to promote its policies of adaptation to climatic change and its projects for reducing emissions.


KKL-JNF will promote the acquisition of offsets (the balance of carbon dioxide emissions) for the thousands of visitors who fly to Israel through KKL-JNF and will systemize "climatic responsibility" for tourists visiting Israel in plans which will be made available to tourist organizations.


KKL-JNF supports the initiative of the minister for Environmental Protection to consolidate reduction goals and operational plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Israel. KKL-JNF believes it is extremely important for the government of Israel to act as soon as possible to formulate, finance, and implement an ambitious and comprehensive program to reduce emissions.


In light of the complex threats facing Israel as a result of both present and expected climate changes, KKL-JNF calls upon the government of Israel to adopt a comprehensive policy of adaptation to climate change based on the latest predictions of its effects and to begin financing and implementing this policy immediately.


KKL-JNF supports the initiative of the minister for environmental protection to establish a center for international information in Israel that will bring together technologies, research and experience in the field of climate-change adaptation. KKL-JNF calls for the allocation of the required national resources for the establishment of this Center and will cooperate in its establishment. KKL-JNF is prepared to share with such a center, all the information and practical experience it has accumulated on the administration of open areas, afforestation and associated research.


Since KKL-JNF considers that it is essential for the State of Israel to join the Adaptation Fund Committee and the GEF, it is committed to providing whatever assistance is required.






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"Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi watched a calf being led to slaughter. The animal broke form the herd and hid itself under the rabbi's clothing, crying for mercy. But he pushed it away, saying, 'Go, for you were destined for this!' They said in heaven, 'Since he showed no compassion, let us bring suffering upon him.' For years afterward, the rabbi suffered from a series of painful illnesses. One day his servant was sweeping the house. She was about to sweep away some young weasels she found lying on the floor, but he told her, 'Leave them alone!' Then they said of him in heaven, 'Since he has shown compassion, let us be compassionate with him.' And he was cured."

- Babylonian Talmud: Bava Metzia 85a

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60% of Israel's nature reserves are smaller than 1 square kilometer.

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